Unitech MS146 barcode slot reader

Product code : BYPOS-1552
Warranty : 12 months

Precio especial €150,00 €181,50
The MS146 is a reliable and rugged slot barcode reader. It is capable of reading any bar coded identification badge. It's sealed optical system is available in both visible light or infrared. Because of its IP54 rating (dust and splash water protected) the MS146 reads your badges in harsh and industrial environments without degrading its performance. Features: 1 IP54 dust and splash water protected 2 Interfaces :PS/2, RS232, USB, TTL (Undecoded) 3 50 mm to 750 mm/sec Scan Rate 4 Reads visible and laminated barcode labels 5 Wide slot allows thicker badges 6 Easy to use and configure 7 Multi Directional reading 8 Warranty: 2 years
Warranty 12 months
Manufacturer Unitech
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